How is Sunnyside responding to COVID-19?

Sunnyside Pediatrics is working hard to keep our patients and staff healthy through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have adjusted our schedules for the near future and are taking extra precautions with any sick patients.

Keeping your child’s vaccinations up to date continues to be a priority, and we are scheduling all of our “well” checks in the morning to separate them from the sick visits in the afternoon. In support of social distancing we are working to minimize any waiting room time.

If your children are sick and have no known COVID-19 exposures our office remains the best place to have them assessed. We are still seeing lots of kids with routine pediatric illnesses (ear infections, influenza, strep…) and we definitely do not want to overwhelm the ER with those type of visits or increase your family’s risk of exposure to more serious illness.

Face Masks are required!

As part of our response to the COVID19 pandemic we are requiring masks or other face covers be worn at all times in the office. This applies to our staff and all patients and family members over 2 years old.
There is a very limited supply of masks right now and we do not have enough for patients at this time, so please bring a mask of face covering to your appointment.
If you don’t have a mask you can use a bandana or scarf to cover your nose and mouth. (Please click here or here or here for “no sew” ways to make a mask.) You can also request a cloth mask from the state website here.
Your mask or face covering should remain over your nose and mouth throughout your time in the office.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we adapt our office to continue to meet the needs of all of our patients while protecting the most vulnerable.

What you can expect:

  • “Well visits” and follow-ups will be scheduled for the morning or early afternoon hours.
  • All sick patients will be seen in the afternoon hours.
  • Everyone entering our office will be screened with a forehead temperature. If you arrive for a “well visit” (not a “sick visit”) and your child has a fever we will need to reschedule you. If a caregiver or sibling is noted to have a fever that person will not be allowed to enter the office. Please do your best to minimize the number of “extra” people you bring to appointments.
  • If you or your child has a cough you will be given a mask to wear in our office. Please ensure that the mask remains over the nose and mouth throughout the visit. We have a limited number of these masks and they are increasingly hard to find, so please use them effectively and do not request a mask if you are without respiratory symptoms.
  • As usual we ask you to keep your children with you throughout your time in the office. We are working diligently to keep the office clean and “free-range” children in the hallway create unnecessary infectious risk and work for the staff.
  • Our staff, including those at the front desk, will be wearing masks and other protective gear for many appointments. We are screening staff members twice a day for symptoms of illness, and they will not be at work if there is suspicion of illness.

Helping your children through the pandemic

New York Times article Answering Kids’ Questions About the Coronavirus, in Free Picture Books

This is an evolving situation and we ask for your cooperation in helping keep our community healthy!

For more information visit the CDC website by clicking here